School Safety

G-Force has been a leader in South Central Pennsylvania with providing students, staff, and visitor safety and security at school districts across the region. G-Force provides multiple levels of expertise depending on the district’s needs. G-Force provides Act 235 certified Armed School Security Guards that receive a minimum of 40 hours of Basic SRO Training through NASRO (The National Association of School Resource Officers) along with Adolescent Mental Health Training. These guards patrol the facilities and act as mentors to the students they protect through the training they receive.

G-Force also provides individuals who understand Act 67 (The Safe School Act) to School Districts for the purpose of assisting those Administrators that such School Districts have named as the Safety and Security Coordinator as required by Act 67. These individuals have prior law enforcement experience and are better equipped to fulfill the responsibilities mandated by Act 67. Such responsibilities are grant assistance, training of students and staff, Risk Assessments of District facilities, review of All Hazard Plans for each specific building, Reunification efforts, etc.

The benefit to the School Districts is that they gain an individual that is trained and has expertise in the subject matter demanded by Act 67, while negating the need to provide such individual with benefits, pension responsibilities, and liability insurance and Workmen’s Compensation coverage. G-Force maintains responsibility of those items.

G-Force currently have employees serving at the following School Districts in various levels of responsibilities: Northern York County SD, South Western SD, Fairfield Area School District, Littlestown Area School District, and the Hanover Public School District.


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