Investigative Services

Below is a list of investigative services G-Force Security and Investigations, LLC offers our customers. Our staff has over 50 years of law enforcement experience and promises a thorough, professional, and effective investigation to assist you in your endeavors. Our staff has completed and utilized specialized training during our careers in law enforcement and believe that we have the tools to provide the assistance you are seeking. If you need assistance in the following areas, please proceed to our Contact Us page and complete the Contact Form so that we can promptly set up a meeting to discuss your needs.

• Evaluation of Safety and Security Plans and/or Facilities Assessments

School Safety/Security Officer

Conduct Training in Run, Hide, Fight Methodology for Active Shooter situations

• Conduct simulated exercises to evaluate policies/procedures for employees in Active Shooting incidents

• Person Locate

• Divorce-Infidelity-Adultery

Process Service

• Criminal Investigation assistance

Dignitary Protection


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